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The unit is rated 300kW, 400V, 3ph, 50Hz.

The rated capacity can be achieved continuously at the following extremes of site conditions:

  • Ambient temperature    : up to 40°C
  • Relative Humidity        : up to 100%


The load bank is packaged in a sheet steel enclosure suitable for outdoor operation and is supplied as a transportable unit mounted on heavy duty swivel castors suitable for movement over level surfaces.

Lifting eyes are fitted in the top corners of the enclosure.

General Arrangement

Housed within the enclosure is all the equipment necessary for the operation of the load module as follows:

  • Resistive elements
  • Cooling fans
  • KCS Control system
  • Load switching contactors
  • Load and control      circuit protection

An internal bulkhead provides complete separation of the resistor chamber from the cabling and control sections.

Access to the IP55 control/switching section is via a cover on one side of the enclosure.

Stud type cable terminations are provided for customers flexible load cables.

The enclosure is etched primed and finished with a gloss white, electrostatically applied, oven baked, polyester powder coating giving a durable, water repellent, heat resistant, UV light stable finish.

Resistive Elements

Load is provided by groups of tubular resistor elements switched by contactors.

Each totally enclosed element consists of an 80/20 nickel chrome resistance wire connected to terminal pins, centred in a stainless steel tube which is filled with compressed magnesium oxide to ensure rapid heat transfer.

The terminal pins form a non-heated section of the element and are insulated from the stainless steel tube by ceramic bushes.

The outside of the tube has a helically formed stainless steel cooling fin which progresses the full length of the element.

The elements are cooled so as to operate in the black heat sector of the radiation spectrum.

The elements are fitted into element chambers with compression type bulkhead glands enabling a watertight transition of the terminal pins through internal bulkhead to the interior of the enclosure.

The element construction and method of installation ensures that the current carrying portion of the equipment is totally shielded from both the operator and the environment.


Cooling Fans

The resistor elements are cooled by two 1 phase electric fans units taking air in through a grille in one end of the unit and passing it horizontally through the element chamber over the resistor element cooling fins and exhausting through an outlet grille in the other end.

The fans can be fed from the load bars or from an external 230V, 50Hz, 1ph auxiliary supply, either being selected by manual operation of a selector switch, energising DOL starter with thermal/magnetic overload.

Load Switching control

Load can be switched in steps of any value between zero and 300kW with a 1kW switching resolution.

Each step of resistive load is switched by a 3 pole contactor mounted inside the enclosure.

The contactors are controlled by a Crestchic KCS pcb mounted control system inside the load bank and a KCS100H remote hand held control terminal mounted in an ABS box supplied with a 10 metre long control cable.

The required value of kilowatts is set on a three decade (units, tens and hundreds) indexing selector switch mounted on the control terminal and applied by operation of an ‘enter’ button, once a load has been applied it can be increased or decreased by resetting the indexing selector switch to the new value then changed by a further operation of the ‘enter’ button.

All load can be removed at any time by operation of a ‘clear’ button.


The following protective devices are fitted into the load bank

  • Fan Failure
  • Over Temperature
  • Emergency stop button

Operation of these devices will remove all load and in the case of the emergency button stop the fans.

Dimensions & Weight

Length :   820mm

Width   :   850mm

Height  : 1350mm

Weight :   260kgs

Operators Handbook

The load bank will be supplied with a standard Crestchic Operator Manual containing operating instructions, circuit diagrams, general arrangement drawings, parts lists etc.


The load bank will be subject to 12 months warranty from the date of initial use or 15 months from date of delivery whichever is the first to expire.


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