26th February, 2021, 1:52
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Ship Electricity Supply

Supporting the regional offshore industry 

We are in cooperation with the leading offshore rental equipment companies of the eastern mediterranean. We provide support regarding Electricity Generators, Compressors Blasting Equipment, Paint Equipment.

We are in the position of undertaking small sub-contracts depending on the clients needs. We can also give support in terms of both skilled and unskilled personel.



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Electricity For Concerts


We provide electricity for both in-house and open-air concerts. Our leading position justifies our experience.


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Generators for Standby Use

Our Company offers Generators for Emergency Usage (Standby Use). A standby generator is a back-up electrical system that operates automatically, within seconds of a utility outage an automatic transfer switch senses the power loss, commands the generator to start and then transfers the electrical load to the generator.

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